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Aaron Shevlin
03/25/2011 10:25

Torijutsu sounds too dangerous for just anyone to learn. Maybe master Richard knew this and decided it should not be taught to the masses and should rather be kept in secret until a worthy successor was chosen ^^ LOL kind of like "Divine Fist of the Northstar" or what i like to call, "Matrix Neo-fist" LOL ;D - Maybe master Richard was testing the effectiveness of his new technique and maybe also just to see reactions from real people for the first time before he took the technique to masters in China. Please post any news of the technique if u can. i would love to learn more! Thanks!

04/09/2011 00:34

I heard about someone teaching torijutsu in Thailand! A young man form North Wales! Maybe this is the guy!!??

Brian Hogg
01/20/2012 23:11

I was at Buckley Sports Centre last night (20/1/12) and bumped into a guy who used to train with sensei Richard. He said that Richard shown him sme torijutsu at his house and it was bloody amazing!


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